Hi! I'm Peter Mattox. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator.

From a young age I was drawn to art (pun intended). I was fascinated by comics and cartoons and very quickly that fascination turned into a passion for all things creative. And ever since I've always been making art, but high school is when I discovered graphic design, which was a game changer. I found a career where I could create art and be paid for it (imagine that!) I pursued graphic design further when I majored in it at Radford University. I currently work for Next Generation Designs, where I develop the front end for websites, illustrate, and design all sorts of printed collateral. In my spare time (is that even a thing?) I'm always trying to learn something new and work on personal projects where I can be free to illustrate or design anything I want!

More (interesting?) things about me: I can kind of juggle, I do voice impressions, and that's about it.